Just had one big Weetabix for breakfast with 6 of the chocolate minis and s/s milk! I tried that Curiously Cinnamon but it was so disgusting, glad it was only the mini box.. I didn’t take a picture cause weetabix never looks good on camera!

I somehow managed to get on the bus for a child’s fare, not complaining! Didn’t eat this on the bus though, shared the popcorn with my niece (kids are persistent haha) and I had the nakd bar at the park. Really liked this flavour, the cocoa orange had put me off but I’m definitely gonna try more!

Lunch was my favourite! 6” Chicken tikka on 9 grain wheat with lettuce, peppers and light mayo. Accompanied by a diet coke too.

Snack was this! This popcorn is my latest obsession! It’s so good and there’s so much in it, definitely worth the 109 calories. I tried a nakd bar for the first time, since my friends always eat them but I was really disappointed with this one? I normally love Terry’s chocolate orange so I thought this would be good but it was vile. :/

Dinner was a chicken fajita wrap and some tropical kale juice from Marks & Spencer! The wrap was alright, I probably wouldn’t have it again though but I thought for £1, there was no harm in trying it! And I really enjoyed the tropical kale juice, bonus that it’s 2 of your 5 a day!

For breakfast I just had a morning oat bar, since there’s no pancakes left or fruit for smoothies. Then for lunch, I was cleaning up and had to get ready so I just had a grilled cheese sandwich (light cheese slice/premium brown bread, totals to under 200 cal, which is fab) and I walked down town, around town a bit and burned 500 calories. I bought something good for dinner, so I’ll post that when I decide to have it :)

Starting Over.

So I had this blog back in 2012-2013 to motivate myself to get ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’ but long story short, it spiralled into having an eating disorder. I’ve been struggling a lot for the past year, but now I’m so motivated to get healthy again and not let obsessive thoughts take over, I was never underweight and I still feel like I have to lose weight but I want to be healthy about it. No more restricting or purging. So I’ve decided to try and use this blog again for motivation and to help me properly recover.