Breakfast is a chocolate cookie dough quest bar along with a smoothie, which has in low fat yogurt, apple juice, frozen raspberries, strawberries and a banana!

Do I still have active followers here? I haven’t posted in half a year, mainly because I’ve been suffering from an eating disorder but I think I finally want to try and recover again ah.


One of my favorite quotes.


Being skinny doesn’t mean you’re healthy. One month today, this is my journey!


On the largest cruise ship in the world this is how they motivate people to run (: I love it!

my sister and i are going to asda later cause my mum doesn’t get paid until thursday and we have like no healthy food in the house.. so i think tonight i’ll have a baked potato with salad and rice, tomorrow will be light pizzas/wedges and i dunno what to get for wednesday.

lucydoeslife asked:
it is good, i've had it before and you wont regret it!

yay! I’m so excited for subway now omg

i just went on the subway website and omg

you know what sounds good

chicken tikka on 9 grain wheat

with lettuce, peppers and hot chilli

I think I’ll be getting a Subway on Thursday, but obviously a low fat option.. I want to try something new but I’m a really fussy eater and I dunno what I’d like..